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At Philip T Ryan Insurance we offer a huge range of services, including pensions. Pensions are an excellent tax efficient way for you to save for the future. It makes sense to ensure that you have savings to fall back on when you reach retirement age. We deal with clients helping set up pensions, pensions for self-employed etc. Our experienced team can tell you what options are available to you and advise on what would suit you best. We can speak with you during our office hours, or alternatively we can arrange to meet you by appointment at your chosen location.

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Setting up a Pension

Advantages of Setting up a Pension

Setting up a pension makes good sense. A pension is established to provide you with a fund when you hit retirement. While there is no obligation to set one up, it makes sense for a huge number of reasons. The state pension may not be enough to fund your lifestyle later in life.

Ensure you have the funds when you retire so you can do the things you want to do.

The younger you start your pension, the better it is in the long run. In saying that we help people of all ages, even those who feel that they may not be that far away from retiring.

Setting up a pension can also offer tax relief, typically 40%. This means that you save in your pension rather than hand over funds to the tax man. Our team can offer practical advice in this area.

Whilst we do have the state pension, there are more and more people claiming this each year. With people living longer we can never tell what the future holds for the state pension.

Those who can should always consider joining their company scheme. Many employers will match your contribution. Our experienced team here at Philip T Ryan Insurance can have a look at what your company is offering and explain this to you in simple language.

Our team here at Philip T Ryan Insurance are more than happy to discuss your pension requirements with you. Simply call us today to set up a consultation.

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